Address Verification

Address Verification

TouchPoint is equipped with Address Verification using updated information from the USPS. This will put the address in the correct format preferred by the Postal Service, and add the zip +4.

This verification happens when an address is changed in the system or when you create a new people record. When you click Submit or Save Changes the system runs through the process and makes any necessary changes. The correct address as formatted by the USPS will replace what you entered. At the bottom of the dialog box, you will see the message Address Found and Adjusted by USPS followed by the address you entered. To accept the address as it has been changed, just click Submit Again.

Bad Address

When editing an address, you will see a checkbox labeled Bad Address. Check this if you want to leave the existing address, but you want people to know it is not a good address for that person/family. When running labels, if you check on the Options dialog Use Mail Flags any address with Bad Address checked will not be included. That option is selected by default. An address with Bad Address flagged will display on the person’s people record with a line through it.

You can remove the address completely, if you want. If you do that, be sure to remove everything including the City, State, Zip, and set the Bad Address flag.

There is also provision to skip the address check if the address is not found.

Edit an Existing Address

Step 1

Go to the person’s record and click the pencil icon beside the address.

Step 2

Press the Clear button to remove the existing address, enter the new address and press Submit

Note the changes once the address is verified.

Step 3

If the address is correct, press Submit to complete the process.


You can enter either the zip without entering the city and state or you can enter the city and select the state without the zip. When the address is verified, the missing information (including the zip +4) will be added.

Adding a New Record in a New Family

Step 1

Enter the street address.

Enter either the zip and press Submit or enter the city and select the state and press Submit.

Note the changes once the address is verified.

Step 2

If this is correct, press Submit Again to complete the process.

Address Types

Family Address

Each person should have a Family Address, even if they are a family of one. A house icon denotes the Family Address. This is the address that is used in all of our TouchPoint directories. When adding a person to an existing family, you do not have to enter an address, because the system automatically assigns that person the Family Address for that family. The default is for the Family Address to be flagged as the Primary Address.

So, when a person is in a family by himself, do not give him a Personal Address. Use the Family Address.

Personal Address

A person can be given a Personal Address that is different than the Family Address. A person icon denotes the Personal Address. This type of address is used, for example, when students are away at college, or when a couple is separated (but not divorced) and one of them no longer lives at the family address. It can also be used for a family member temporarily working out of town. When adding a Personal Address, do not remove the Family Address. Click the house icon to Edit, and then select the Personal Address tab. Enter the address; and, after validating the address with USPS, check the box to make the Personal Address the Primary Address and Submit.

When that address is no longer needed, go to the Family Address and check Primary Address. Then select the Personal Address tab, and click the Clear button to remove the address and save your changes. The system will try to validate it using the USPS. Click the red Use This Address Anyway button.


Both the Family and Personal Addresses contain fields for start and end dates. These are purely a reference. Nothing is changed automatically based on these dates.

Addresses that Cannot Be Validated

There will be a couple of cases in which an address cannot be verified. If the address is in a new subdivision it might not be included yet in the latest USPS update. Or you might have everything correct for the address except for an apartment number. In these cases, you will see the message Address Not Validated. You can preserve the address as entered by doing the following:

Step 1

Enter all the address information including City, State and Zip.

Be sure that the address has the proper casing and any directional suffixes.

Step 2

Select Use this Address Anyway.

Step 3

Complete the process for adding the new record.

If you are missing an apartment number or a directional suffix, be sure you try to contact the person and update their address with the missing information. Then you can save the changes and the address will validate.

TouchPoint has a batch process for updating multiple addresses at one time. We also have a Search Builder Condition to help you find those without a Zip +4.


In order for a partial address to display in the Business Card section of a people record (beside the person’s picture), you must have something in the Address Line 1 field. Then it will display whatever information you have saved.

Example: You know the City and State but nothing else. Enter unknown in Address Line 1 along with the City and State in their appropriate fields. Then save selecting Use this Address Anyway. The address will display as unknown, Cordova, TN. Remember to select the Bad Address flag, so labels will not get created for this person.