Church News

The Church News section of the TouchPoint Home Page is where your System Admin can create a blog for just the TouchPoint users at your church, whereas the TouchPoint News blog is displayed to all TouchPoint churches.

If you see content in the Church News section on your Home Page, be sure to start reading it regularly, as it will contain important information for you from your administrator.

System Admins: If you are not currently using this feature and are interested in doing so, just put your church’s blog feed url in the Admin setting named Church Feed Url. Remember, all your users that have the Access role will be able to view this, including those with the OrgLeadersOnly role. The only users who cannot view it are those users without any roles - those who can only access their data.

If you don’t have a blog already, just create a blog at or - any blog that has the ability to give you a news feed.

For example Bellevue’s Settings looks like this:

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