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When you log on to TouchPoint, the first place you will be is the Home Page. The exception are My Data users. They can view only their own people records, and do not see the Home Page. Lay Leaders with OrgLeadersOnly do have access to the Home Page.

The Home Page contains quick links to both people, organizations, reports, and more.

Sections / Boxes

The Home Page is divided into several section or boxes. All but the TouchPoint News and Church News sections will contain links which are specific to the user that is logged on.


This section displays a list of people who have upcoming birthdays. The default uses people who are in your Main Fellowship class. However, you can create your own TrackBirthdays Tag or a TrackBirthdays Search.

My Involvement

The Involvement section will contain links to every organization in which you are currently enrolled.

My Searches

These links are to the Search Builder searches that you have created and saved, or searches that the Admin has saved with you as the owner. It is a very quick way to access searches that you use frequently.

TouchPoint News

This section contains the same content for every user at every TouchPoint church. You should subscribe to the TouchPoint News blog, so you receive an email when something new is posted. This is where we notify you about all new features, remind you of existing ones, give users tips, and more. Posts will have a New flag for a couple of weeks after they are posted.

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TouchPoint News

Church News

This section is controlled by each church for their church’s TouchPoint database. Every user at that church see the same content.

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Church News

My Tags

These are links to all Tags that you created and any Tags that have been shared with you. The shared Tags, will have the owner’s name in front of the Tag name and those will be below yours in the list.

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My Tasks

Any incomplete Tasks that you have been assigned or you have created and have not not assigned to anyone else will display in this section. Some will be ministry Tasks, while others may be New People Data Entry Tasks, if you create new records.

Other Options

Active Tag

Next to Search is your Active Tag, with the option to empty the active tag, or to select another Tag to become your active one. Just scroll down to see all your Tags.

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Your profile picture will display in the far right of the Main Menu bar along with your name. Click the drop down to go to your people record, change your password, log out, or to change any of the toggles that are presented there.

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Welcome Header


Click this link to access the Need help using this software? page. There are two tabs: - Search the Documentation - Contact Support

There is also a link directly to the Documentation Website, where you will find the Contents, Index, Recently Updated list, as well as a search feature.

More Help

Below are some other links that will be helpful for a user that is new to TouchPoint:

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