Active Records

Active Records

These are determined dynamically from your database and are a measure of your ministry. Generally speaking, these are determined by anyone who meets any of the following criteria within the past 365 days:

  1. Members of a household where a household member has one or more contribution records

  2. Two or more attendance records

TouchPoint does not charge for one-time guests, so we encourage you to add them to your database and capture the necessary information in case you have the opportunity to minister to them in the future.


You can Archive People Records that you do not want to show up in searches or receive communications from the church. However, Archived Records do not have any bearing on Active Records. A record can be Archived by you, but still be considered Active according to the criteria above.

Active Records vs Average Weekly Attendance

Active Records are intended to measure the scope of your ministry. Since ministry reaches out beyond your average weekly attendance, your average weekly attendance would be smaller than the number of individuals who attend or give during a year. We can easily compute this figure if you track attendance and contributions.

To view your number of Active Records

Click the ? Help menu at the top-right of TouchPoint. Beside the Search box, you will see information about Hosting & Support and a section for System Information, which give the latest build date of the software that is running on your database.

Below that is a link to See Active Records. Click the link and the number will be calculated right then.


Only a user with the Admin role will see the See Active Records link.