Enable Limit Editing/Hide Fields

This setting is found under Administration > Setup > Settings > System > Administration. When toggled to True, an admin can set which person fields are required/hidden/editable when creating person records in the web, Check-In, and the mobile app. Access to set options are found under Administration > Misc > Enable Limit Editing/Hide Fields.


  • Choose Person Field from the dropdown
  • Check appropriate boxes to determine whether the field is required for New/Editing person records in a Web browser, during Check-In, and when using the Mobile App.
  • If the Field is not allowed to be Edited, check the No Edit (unless blank) box.
  • To allow certain roles to override the No Edit setting, enter those role names for the Role(s) to override no edit field, separated by a comma with no spaces.
  • To allow certain roles to be able to add a new record in the web without needing to provide all of the required fields, add the roles for the Role(s) to override new (web) setting. An example would be a Finance user who may not have all the information when entering checks into a bundle.

Latest Update 7/15/2022

Updated setting name