Protected Status Flags

If your church would like to have a Status Flag that is seen by only a certain set of users, the System Admin can create a role that is associated with a specific Status Flag. Then only those users who have that role will be able to view that Status Flag anywhere that Status Flags are used.

An example of this type of protected Status Flag would be one based on a person’s recent contributions. You would want only certain people to know if a person was a recent donor or not.

Each protected Status Flag must have its own special user role. To protect more than one Status Flag, you will create one role for each protected flag.

Prior to creating a Protected Status Flag, you will want to have an understanding of Status Flags and how they work and can be used for ministry.

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Create a Protected Status Flag

Step 1

Create the search to be used for this special Status Flag, and name the search using the special naming convention for Status Flag searches.

Step 2

Create a new user role using the name of the Status Flag. Example: StatusFlag:F30


The name of the role must begin with StatusFlag, then have a colon, then the prefix for the Status Flag you want to protect. In the example, the prefix for the search is F30. The entire name of the actual Status Flag search is F30:RecentDonor.

Step 3

Assign the new role to every user who should be able to view that Status Flag.