Registration History

Registration History

This report is list of each individual online registration in reverse order based on the time the registration occurred. You can select a date range and other filters once you are viewing the report. There are 3 links in the report that allow you to drill down to more information.

  • Date/time link takes you to the details of the registration. From the details page you can click the date/time link to view the XML details.

  • Description link takes you to the online registration Involvement.

  • The user’s name will take you to his people record. (This is available only when the user logs in.)

This report requires the Admin user role.

Run the Registration History Report

Step 1

Go to Involvements > Reports > Registration History. This is a log of both complete and incomplete online registrations.

Step 2

Select any filters you wish to apply and then click the blue Search button to run the report.


The following fields can be used as search filters:


Enter either the name or the Involvement ID for the online registration Involvement.


Enter all or part of the name of the person registering.

Start Date

Select a date for the start of the search.

End Date

Select a date for the end of the search.


Enter an integer to find those with multiple registrations. Ex. Enter 3 and Childcare as the Involvement to find just those that have either registered 3 children or have 3 incomplete registrations.


Select either All, Yes, or No. Selecting Yes will give you only completed registrations.


Select either All, Yes, or No. Active refers to the registration itself still being active.


Select either All, Yes, or No. A registration is abandoned when the person does not finish, but then starts another registration and finishes that 2nd one. Or it is abandoned when someone Save Progress, but chooses to start over.

From mobile app only?

Check this box to view registrations that were done using the app on a mobile device.

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