Original Use of Status Flags

The article below describes our original use of Status Flags. In April 2013, we added a new level of functionality for Status Flags.

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Status Flags

Your System Admin can create a set Searches and save each one using a special naming convention. The name must begin with F followed by 2 digits and then a colon, then the text. Examples: F01: Baptized, F02: New Member Class etc. (The F by the way is for Flag). You can create the Searches to represent anything you want. You do not have to have one named Baptized or New Member Class.

The Admin can execute the Admin > Tools > Update > Status Flags. This will run each search behind the scenes and record a bit of information for each person satisfying the conditions of the Search. The process of updating the Status Flags is intended to run as a batch job every night. This will allow exports using Status Flags to run very fast during the day.

Finally, for any list of people, a Status Flag export can be generated showing the results of these bits of information.


Once the Admin creates the special searches, anyone can run the Status Flag export from the toolbar.

Assimilation Use Case

If you want to track a group of people who are new to your church, you can put them in a tag. Then you can create several special Status Flag Searches with information that you want to track about them. By selecting the Status Flag Export for that tagged group, you can measure their assimilation into the church. This assimilation process was the original use case for Status Flags. In essence, each flag marks a milestone of progress in a person’s Christian walk - Making a Profession of Faith; Joining a Life Group; and more. This not only measures their progress, but your effectiveness as a ministry.

Examples of Status Flag Searches

Here are just a few examples of searches you might want to create as Status Flag searches.

  • Those who have completed their baptism - they have a Baptism Date.

  • Those who have joined a small group - they are enrolled in Bible Fellowship (or in whatever Program your small groups are in).

  • Those who are actively attending groups or events - they have attendance.

  • Those who have attended a new member class - they have an attendance in that specific Involvement.

Once the Searches have been built and updated, you can then go to your tagged group and run the Status Flag export. The export will contain one line per person and one column per Status Flag. An X will display in the column indicating that the person is found in that Search. This gives you a quick way to track the assimilation progress of your prospects and/or new members. You will think of many other use cases, I’m sure.

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