Word Merge Family Directory

Family Directory-Word Merge Document

If you would like to create and format a Family Directory that is different from what we have already available from the Toolbar (see Other Options below) you can do that using an Excel Export and Word Merge. It will not contain pictures, but you can add whatever fields you want to include that are in the Export. There is a standard Family Picture Directory available from the Toolbar.

This export does include Secondary Adults and any other Positions you may have added in your database with one row per family member. The column named Family Name is the name of the HOH.

If you sort by Family Name first and then by Family ID (which is the default), the family members will sort together even when there is a blended family in which the members have different last names. The data in the Family Position column will have the Position Code ID as the first 2 digits, with the remainder of the data there to sort by age, oldest to youngest.

Other Options

We also have instructions for creating your own Family Picture Directory using Word Merge if you want it to include other fields that are not in our standard Family Picture Directory.

TouchPoint has built-in directories that you access from the Toolbar without having to use a Word Merge, including a FamilyPictureDirectory.

Create a Family Directory Using Word Merge

Step 1

Create a search for those you want included (or create this for an organization, a sub-group within an Organization, or a Tag), and select the blue Toolbar cloud icon and then Export Excel > Standard. Then in the format dialog box that pops up choose Family Members.


Do not select the Export Excel > Family. Select the Standard export and then select Family Members in the format dialog. Ignore the Label Options as those apply only to labels.

Step 2

Open the Excel spreadsheet, which will, by default, be sorted by FamilyName (column U) and then by FamilyId (column V).

Save it as an .xls file.


If you ever change the sort, you can return to the original sort by sorting by using a custom sort, FamilyName first and then by FamilyID.

Step 3

Open the Mail Merge Manager and create your document using the Excel spreadsheet as the data source.