Picture Directories w/Individual Photos

Picture Directory 24 per page
This directory lists individuals (24 per page) that are included in your target group, along with their picture, email address, birth month and day, spouse name and children’s names. If there is no picture the data will still display.
Picture Directory 4 per page
This directory lists individuals (4 per page) with similar information as the above-mentioned directory – name, picture (beside the name), address, email, phone numbers, birthday (month/day), anniversary, and spouse. This one does not list children.
You can generate either of these directories anywhere you see the blue Toolbar.

Generate a Picture Directory

Step 1
Find your target group, i.e. those you want included in the directory.
Step 2

Select the blue Toolbar > Cloud > Directories > Picture Directory or Picture Directory 4/page.

The Directory will open in Word.

Step 3
Click View > Header and Footer if you want to add a header and/or page numbers. The 4 per page directory has ‘Class name here’ in the header. Click and change it to the name of the class or whatever you want.
Step 4
Click Save when finished.



Sample Picture Directory 24 per page


Sample Picture Directory 4 per page

We have other directories on the Toolbar and others that are online.

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