Tasks & Notes Keywords

If you would like to capture more (or different) information than what is standard on a Task or Note, you can add Keywords to the Task or Note. Keywords can be created by a System Admin and will display along with each Task or Note. The purpose is to give you the flexibility to gather information that is not already in the standard form. It also allows you to capture information without needing to include everything with the Task or Note Details. You can choose to create Keywords that trigger additional instructions and/or questions or you can create Keywords without additional actions that simply let you search/find the Task or Note you need more efficiently. Keywords are utilized in the Tasks & Notes Search as well as in Search Builder.


Sample Task without Keywords


Sample Task with Keywords


Sample Task with Keywords and Extra Questions

When adding a Task or Note, you determine which specific actions, if any, are triggered when selecting the appropriate Keyword(s). For example, you may create a Keyword, “Connection Card,” to allow your team to answer the standard questions on your church’s guest card. When someone selects the “Connection Card” Keyword, additional questions will then appear on the Note. These questions can be checkboxes, a dropdown menu, single or multi line text, date picker, or yes/no question. You can also include headers and instruction text to further clarify your questions that are associated with your Keyword.

Step by Step Instructions for Keywords

Step 1

To add Keywords, go to Admin > Advanced > Lookup Codes > Tasks & Notes > Keywords. Click the green +Add Keyword button. A new Keyword is created with the Code and Keyword listed as NEW.


Only a user with the Admin role can create Keywords. However, once they are created, any user that is recording a Note will see those Keywords and be able to select the appropriate Keyword(s).


If you have ministers or volunteers making hospital visits, you could create Keywords so that someone selecting Pastoral Care or Hospital Visit when creating a Note, will see specific questions or text fields such as Possible Release Date or Hospital Room Number.

Step 2

Click on the NEW Code and Keyword to modify your new Keyword. Click the blue checkmark to save.

Step 3

If you would like to add questions to your Keyword, click on the 0 next to your Keyword under the Questions column. This will open a dialogue box where you can add additional instructions and questions to associate with the Keyword. If you do not wish to add questions to the Keyword, you can skip the following steps.

Step 4

Click the green +Add Question button. Select the desired Type and fill in the associated Name and Options. Click Save. Continue to add instructions and/or questions as needed. When finished, click Close. Your Keyword will now be available to use when creating a new Task/Note.


Keywords display prominently on Tasks & Notes. You can also search by Keyword on a People Record or on the Task & Notes Search. Additional options can be found in the Tasks & Notes section in Search Builder.

System Keywords

There are several system keywords that automate processes. Because of this, the following keywords cannot be deleted.

Mobile Prayer Request

This is attached to all prayer requests submitted from the mobile app.

Anonymous Prayer Request

This is attached to a prayer request when the mobile app submitter enables the Anonymous toggle.

Prayer Request Unauthenticated

This is attached to all unauthenticated and unmatched prayer requests submitted through the web form or mobile app. If an unauthenticated submitter enters his or her name AND email address, they will be attached to the task or note.

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Failed Gift

This is attached to failed gift tasks.

Deleting a Keyword, Extra Question and/or Option


Only a user with the Admin role can create, edit or delete Keywords.


To delete Keywords, go to Admin > Advanced > Lookup Codes > Tasks & Notes > Keywords. Click the red Merge and Delete button. If there is no data associated with that keyword, it will be deleted immediately and inform you of that. If there IS data associated, you will see this:


From here, you can either choose where to merge the Keyword by selecting an option from the Merge To dropdown and then clicking Merge & Delete, or just Delete the keyword. Deleting or merging keywords with extra questions will result in data loss.


If you Merge & Delete a keyword with extra questions, ONLY the keyword will be merged. All data associated with the corresponding extra questions will be lost.

Keyword Extra Questions

To delete Keyword Extra Questions, go to Admin > Advanced > Lookup Codes > Tasks & Notes > Keywords. Click on the number in the Questions column. Click the blue trashcan to the right of the question you wish to delete. You will see the following warning:


From here, you can select No to cancel or proceed by clicking the yellow Yes, delete it! button. Removing questions that have been previously answered will result in data loss.

Extra Question Options

To delete extra question options, go to Admin > Advanced > Lookup Codes > Tasks & Notes > Keywords. Click on the number in the Questions column. Click the blue pencil to the right of the question you wish to edit. From there, you can add, change, and/or remove any of the options listed. Once the Keyword Question is set, click Save. Removing options to previously answered qeustions will result in data loss.

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