Giving Dashboard

This is a complex recipe of three reports consisting of multiple files each. The reports are Giving Types, Giving Households, and Giving Forecast.

Need Help?

We cannot support this recipe through normal support channels. You are free to use it and modify it to your needs. However, you can contact TouchPoint sales staff about recommendations for a third party developer who can help you customize and install these reports on your database.

Giving Types Report

The Giving Types report categorizes contribution totals by type (Online, Recurring, Mobile, Offering Plate, etc). And further divides contribution totals by Main Fund vs Other funds. Then are three sections grouped by date range (Year to Date, Past 30 days, Past 365 days). See the following link for detailed descriptions and how to install.

Giving Households Report

The Giving Households report shows percentage and totals of households who give divided into Members and Active Non Members. It does this looking back 30 days, year to date, and 365 days. See the following link for more information regarding descriptions and installation instructions.

Giving Forecast Report

The Giving Forecast report shows the projected giving based on current Recurring Giving setups. It compares Members vs Active Non Members percentages and totals. The forecast is always simply total monthly times 12 for an annual forecast. See the following link for how-to information on installation and code.