User People Tagged For Orgs

This script runs from the OrgSearch BlueToolbar. It shows each person in the search results and the name of the current user’s tag they are in along with the organization in the OrgSearch they are a member of.

It will also display tags shared with the user.

The recommended name is UserPeopleTaggedForOrgs

Use the following code to Create the SQL Script. See How to create a SQL Script.

       LinkForNext = '/Person2/' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(25), p.PeopleId),
       Name = p.Name2 ,
       TagName = t.Name,
       LinkForNext = '/Org/' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(25), o.OrganizationId),
FROM TagPerson tp
JOIN Tag t ON t.Id = tp.Id
JOIN dbo.People p ON p.PeopleId = tp.PeopleId
JOIN dbo.CurrOrgMembers(@orgids) om ON om.PeopleId = p.PeopleId
JOIN dbo.Organizations o ON o.OrganizationId = om.OrganizationId
WHERE (EXISTS( -- my tags
            SELECT NULL FROM dbo.Users u
            WHERE u.UserId = @userid AND u.PeopleId = t.PeopleId)
         OR EXISTS( -- tags shared with me
            SELECT NULL FROM dbo.Users u
            JOIN dbo.TagShare ts ON ts.PeopleId = u.PeopleId AND ts.TagId = t.Id
            WHERE u.UserId = @userid )
AND TypeId = 1 -- personal tag
ORDER BY p.Name2, t.Name