Register Email not Equal to Personal Email

Using the script below, you can create a Sql script that, when run, will display a report of everyone who has registered online and used an email address that is different from the one on their personal record.

Information Displayed
  • Name is the registrant’s name.

  • RegisterEmail is the email entered during registration.

  • EmailAddress is the Primary Email on the person’s record.

  • EmailAddress2 is the Secondary Email on the person’s record.

  • OrganizationName is the name of the organization in which the person registered.

  • PeopleId is a link to the person’s record.

  • OrganizationId is the Org ID for the registration organization.

Using this report, you can click the person’s PID# link and then click the MemberType for the registration organization and view the registration email.

You can remove it, if necessary, by clicking Edit in the Member Dialog.

The recommended name is RegisterEmailNotEqualPersonalEmail

Use the following code to Create the SQL Script. See How to create a SQL Script.

    ISNULL(p.EmailAddress2, '') EmailAddress2,
FROM dbo.OrganizationMembers m
JOIN dbo.Organizations o ON o.OrganizationId = m.OrganizationId
JOIN dbo.People p ON p.PeopleId = m.PeopleId
WHERE RegisterEmail LIKE '%@%' AND m.RegisterEmail <> p.EmailAddress
ORDER BY p.Name2, p.PeopleId, o.OrganizationName