Registration Sub Groups

This script runs from the Main Menu if added to the Menu

It shows all of the SubGroups associated with registrations by Organization and SubGroup. There is a Cnt column which is the number of times that SubGroup is used in that organization. If that number is 1, all is well. If that number is greater than 1, then there will be problems with that registration. You will need to go to that registration and rename the duplicate SubGroups so that each SubGroup is unique across the registration.

The report is sorted by Cnt descending so that any problems will show up first. The secondary sort is by OrganizationName.

The recommended name is RegistrationSubGroups

Use the following code to Create the SQL Script. See How to create a SQL Script.

SELECT OrganizationId
FROM dbo.RegistrationSmallGroups(NULL)
ORDER BY Cnt DESC, OrganizationName