Email Drafts

When preparing to send an email, you have the option to Save as a Draft. This Draft will remain private, available only to you, unless you share it. There are the following options available relating to Drafts:

  1. Creating and saving a Draft before sending an email

  2. Editing and/or Sending a Saved Draft

  3. Sharing Drafts

Create and Save a Draft

Step 1

Go to any people record (I normally use my own) and the Blue Toolbar > Email > Create/Edit Saved Draft.


You can actually create a new draft or edit an existing one by selecting that option (Create/Edit Saved Draft) from anywhere that you see the Blue Toolbar.

Step 2

Select the appropriate Template, and compose your email, including the subject.

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Step 3

Click Save as Draft button.

Step 4

Enter the name of the Draft and click Submit.


Only for new drafts do you enter the name. When saving edits to an existing draft, the draft will be saved with the original name (followed by a version number if UseEmailDraftVersioning is set to true). See the section Multiple Versions of Saved Drafts below.

At this point, you can Send Test Email (to me), or you can leave the page. The draft will be saved. You can continue to return and edit the draft until you are ready to send it.

Saving Draft after Finding Target Audience

If you find your target audience, select a saved draft, make changes to that draft, and then click Save Current Draft, the recipient list will be removed and you will see the count change to 0. At this point, if you send the email it will go only to you. This is to keep you from making edits and accidentally sending your email to your list before you are ready.

Edit a Saved Draft

Navigate to Administration > Communications > Email Templates and select the Saved Drafts tab. This is where you will see any Drafts that have been saved. Anyone can save a draft of an email and these drafts are visible when emailing (based on the permissions for the template that was used). You can also access saved drafts or create a new one by selecting the Blue Toolbar > Envelope > Email > Create/Edit Draft (more on that below).

A user with the Admin or EmailTemplates role can view all Saved Drafts in the Special Content section.

We display the following information for drafts:

  • Name of the draft

  • Date last updated

  • Username of the owner

  • Role indicating which users can use this draft

You can select and delete drafts on this page.

To access only your drafts, follow these steps:

Step 1

Go to any people record (I normally use my own) and the Blue Toolbar > Envelope > Email > Create/Edit Saved Draft.

Step 2

Click My Drafts tab on the Select Template page, and the click on the draft you want to edit.

Step 3

After editing the draft, click Save Current Draft.

At this point, you can Send Test Email (to me), or you can leave the page. The edited draft will be saved. You can continue to return and edit the draft until you are ready to send it.

Multiple Versions of Saved Drafts

If you save a draft multiples times, you might need to revert to an earlier version, so TouchPoint will save those versions for you when you have the administration setting UseEmailDraftVersioning set to true. You, of course, name your draft the first time you save it, and open that the next time you want to edit it. When you save that version, it will be named [name of draft]v.1. Your original will be named just [name of draft] without a version number. If you always select the latest version, the numbering will look something like the image below.

This allows you to select any version you want in case you want to revert to an earlier version.

Multiple Versions of the Same Draft

Send a Saved Draft

Step 1

Go to your recipient list - that is, the Organization, Tag, or Search Results to whom you want to send the email, and select the Blue Toolbar > Email > Individuals.


Of course, you can also select Parents or Child with Parents CC’d.

Step 2

Click My Drafts tab on the Select Template page, and then click on the draft you want to send.


Saved Drafts will be listed on either the My Drafts, Team Drafts, or Shared tabs.

Step 3

Verify that your email message is complete, and then note the following options/actions:

  • Press Save Current Draft

    • If you do not want to send the email, this will save the changes to your draft and you can repeat steps above when you are ready to edit it again or send it.

  • Press Send Test (to me)

    • This will send a test to you for proofing. Close the Test Email Sent box to continue. At that point, you can select one of the other options, either Save Current Draft or Send. You can use the test email as often as needed to view your email as your recipient will see it.

  • Press Send

    • This will send the email to your recipient list. By default, the draft will be saved, until you go to Create/Edit Saved Draft and delete it.

Share Saved Drafts

When you follow the steps below, you will be sharing all of your saved drafts with everyone that you add to this tag. You can remove users from the tag at any time. Until you remove them, they can access any of your shared drafts.


If you have a Saved Draft that was created using a Template and that Template was restricted to users in a specific role, the user will not be able to access your Saved Draft unless they are also in that same role. In other words, you cannot violate the restrictions on a Template by sharing your Drafts with someone who is restricted from using the Template.

Step 1

Go to People > Manage > Tags and create a new Tag with the name SharedDrafts

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Step 2

With SharedDrafts as your Active Tag, find the user/users with whom you want to share the tag and add them to the Tag.


  • Do not share your SharedDrafts Tag, just add people to this Tag. By virtue of their being in the Tag, they have access to your Shared Drafts.

  • Manage your SharedDrafts tag periodically. If you add someone to your SharedDrafts tag in order to collaborate on a specific Draft, once the collaboration has ended, you can remove them from your SharedDrafts tag.

  • Saved Drafts that were created using a Template available to Everyone can be shared with any user, regardless of their roles.

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