Email Details

Access Email Details

Step 1

You can access the details for any email by going to one of the following locations:

  • Go to an individual’s record, click on the Email tab and select either Sent, Received, Scheduled, Transactional, or Failed.

  • For users with Track Emails or Admin role, go to Administration > Communication > Emails to access the email log.

There you will see a list of emails with the following information for each one:

  • Date and time it was sent

  • Sender’s name

  • Email address from which it was sent

  • Number of emails sent

  • Number of emails opened (this is only on the Admin Email list)

  • Subject of the email

Step 2

Once you are viewing the list of emails, click the Subject of the email in order to view the details.


A user with Access but without either TrackEmails or Admin role will be able to view emails he has sent, received, or has sent on behalf of another user. Only users with either TrackEmails or Admin role can view all emails - on an individual’s record and on the Email log.

Contents of the Details Page

Notice in the image above the following elements of the email:


This has the following options:


The Resend option is helpful if you have emails returned either because the person’s email address is incorrect or they are on the blocked list. After you correct the problem you can resend the confirmation email from the individual’s Transactional email tab after you click the Subject to view the details.

Header of the Email

This displays the sender, his email address, and the date and time the email was sent.

Body of the Email

If email replacement codes were used, you will see the code as it was entered.


Each tab will present a list of recipients with the count in parentheses on the tab.

  • All - Every recipient

  • Opened - Recipients who have opened the email and how many times they have opened it

  • Not Opened - Recipients who have not yet opened the email

  • Failed - Recipients who did not receive the email due to a bounce, spam block or an incorrect email address


The indicators for opened or not opened are dependent on the sender inserting both an image and the email replacement code {track}. See paragraph below for more information about tracking emails.

See also

Tracking Emails

Convert to Search Builder

For each tab you have the option to convert those in the list to a Search Builder search. This is a great tool when you want to send a follow-up email to your original recipients.


To the right of the page will be a graph and a summary of the stats about the email.

Creating a New Email from Details of Existing Email

We provide 2 ways to use the existing email to create another email just like that one. You can use that new email to send to a different group of recipients, or you can use it as a starting point and revise the content keeping the same template.

Method 1 - New Draft

Select the Action Create New Draft while you are viewing the details of the email you wish to use as the starting point for your new draft.

This will open another page with the same email body.

Enter a Subject and then click the Save Current Draft button under the body of the email.

This will save the draft with the name New Draft followed by the date and time. Example: new draft 2/8/2017 11:24 PM

You can access it as you would any saved draft by going to your record and clicking Create / Edit Draft if you want to edit it. Or you can go to your recipient list and select it from the My Drafts tab.


The draft will remain saved with the name new draft, so this option is designed for drafts that you plan to use and send that soon.

Method 2 - Copy HTML Code

This method can be used if you do not want to create a Draft as in Method 1, but instead want to create a new email to send to another group of recipients or you want to revise it to send to the same recipients.

The main difference is that Method 1 creates an actual Draft which you will access and edit like any other draft, and copying and pasting the HTML code allows you to paste it into the body of an email when you already have your target audience. You can then just send the email without ever creating a Draft.

Step 1

Click View HTML Source and highlight everything on that page (CTRL A….or use your mouse).

Then copy everything (CTRL C or right-click and Copy).

Step 2

Go to your new list of email recipients and select Email from the blue Toolbar and then the appropriate option - Individuals, Parents Of, etc.

Select an empty email template.

Step 3

Click in the body of the email to edit it. Then click the Source button in the top left corner of the toolbar. Now paste all of the HTML code using CTRL V…or right-clicking and pasting.

Step 4

Click the Source button again to see your beautiful email and you are ready to send it!

Tracking Emails

There are two ways to track emails using one or both of our tracking email replacement codes.

  1. {track} which tracks opens (those that open your email)

  2. {tracklinks} which tracks links embedded in your email and how many times each is clicked


Do NOT use {tracklinks} in Mission Trip Supporter emails.

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