Tracking Emails

TouchPoint has 2 tracking features for targeted mass emails.

  • Track - When inserted into an email you can see how many (and which) recipients have opened your email.

  • TrackLinks - When this is used you can see how many recipients have clicked on external links that you have included in your email.

The stats from both of these are available on the Email Details page for your email.

Track Opens

If your email has an image in it, you can include the email replacement code {track} somewhere in your email. It will be invisible to your readers.

With the {track} replacement code in your email, you will be able to view the following stats about your email:

  • Total number of times the email has been opened (including multiple times by the same person)

  • Total number of individuals who have opened the email (counting only the first time a person opens it)

  • For each individual, the number of times he has opened the email

Remember your email must include an image in order to use this feature (that is the secret to the magic).


The tracker is actually counting the number of times a person ‘displays images’, and the {track} code is itself an image. It is possible that a person may read your email, but not click ‘display  images’. So, it is most effective if you place an image near the top of your email that will entice recipients to display images. You might want to use a banner with the church’s logo.

Search Builder has a Condition for Opened Emails that can also be used to help evaluate how well you are reaching your targeted audience.

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