Email Optout

Anyone receiving a targeted email from your church should have the option to Unsubscribe from your mass emails. So, you should always include that link in your those emails that are sent to more than just a few recipients. However, you can also manually unsubscribe someone from a specific email address without having to wait for them to get another email and click Unsubscribe for themselves. Or, if someone wants to unsubscribe from normal emails (that do not include the unsubscribe link) from a specific user you can use this opt-out feature for that, too.

Optout from Email
You can manually unsubscribe a person from specific email addresses by adding an optout on their people record. Once this is added, that person will no longer receive emails from that specific email address.

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When will an Optout / Unsubscribe be overridden?

There are instances when it is proper for us to ignore or override the Unsubscribe/Optout flag on a person’s record.

  1. When a person completes an online registration we will send the Email Confirmation, even if the person has Unsubscribed/Opted Out from the email address of the Online Notify Person.
  2. Also, if a Reminder Email is sent to the members of an organization for which the person has registered, we will also send that email.

Add an Optout


The user must have Edit role in order to do this.

Step 1
Go to the person’s record and click Emails > Optouts.
Step 2
Enter the email address for which the person no longer wishes to receive email.
Step 3
Click Add Optout.

You can add multiple email addresses, by repeating steps 2 & 3.

Remove an Optout

Step 1
Go to the person’s record and click Emails > Optouts
Step 2
Click the red Delete button beside the optout email address and then answer OK to the prompt message.

You will see a message that the Optout was successfully deleted. However, in order for the Optout to no longer display, you must refresh the page.


You can remove the optout even if it was added by the person clicking the Unsubscribe link. Just follow the same steps as above. Of course, you would only remove it if the person has asked you to do so.