Recreate Empty Template for your Database

Each database must have a template named Empty Template. If you accidentally delete it you can add it back by following the steps below.

Step 1

Go to Administration > Special Content > Email Templates and click the green +New Email Template button.

Step 2

Enter the file name Empty Template and click the Submit button.


You must name this template exactly as indicated.

Step 3

This will open the template. Now click the Source button in the header.

Step 4

Remove all text in the template itself.

Step 5

Copy the text below, paste it into the template. Then click the Source button again.

Step 6

This template will contain the text Click here to edit content which will disappear once someone clicks in the body of the email template to create his email.

Click the blue Save Content button.

Copy the text below:

            <div bvedit="" style="max-width:600px;">Click here to edit content</div>