Establish an Account with Ministry By Text (MBT)

If you have not already done so, please see the article Texting from TouchPoint-Overview in order to understand the big picture before you begin.

To use the TouchPoint texting integration with Ministry By Text, you will need to establish an account with MBT for your church.


Ministry By Text provides short codes instead of local or toll-free numbers. They can provision a unique short code for your church or use a shared short code with other churches. Short codes have a throughput of 150 messages per second whereas local and toll-free numbers have a throughput of 1 message per second.

Your System Admin must complete the setup process for you in TouchPoint.

Below is the first part of getting your database ready to use MBT for texting.

Ministry By Text Account

Step 1

Contact MBT through their website at to create an account for your church.

Complete the form on their website with your church’s information.

Step 2
After you have completed the process to establish and configure your account, configure your groups on MBT’s website. This is where you will name your group and provide a description, which will be pulled into TouchPoint, as these groups will be used in TouchPoint for texting.
Step 3

Proceed with the steps in the next article, Set Up TouchPoint for Texting.

Latest Update 10/12/2021

Added Step 3