Set Up TouchPoint for Texting

After you establish your Twilio account, you can now finish the texting setup on your TouchPoint database. You should have already found the TwilioSID and TwilioToken for your account on the Twilio website.

Settings, Users, and Groups

Step 1

When you find those account settings on Twilio as referenced in the previous article Establish an Account with Twilio, open TouchPoint and go to Administration > Setup > Settings > Integrations > Twilio.

Copy the AccountSID from Twilio and paste it into the value for TwilioSID.

Copy the AuthToken from Twilio, and paste it into the value for TwilioToken.

Step 2

A special user role is required for a user to have permissions to send texts through your TouchPoint database.

Assign the SendSMS user role to each user that needs permission to text by going to each person’s System > User Account tab.

Click the menu icon under the Actions column, then click Edit. Check SendSMS (under Basic Level 2) and click Save.

You do not create a new user account for the individual, just assign him the additional role.

Add the role to every user that should be able to send texts.


In addition to needing the SendSMS role, users will also need to be added to a Twilio group as described in Step 6 below. Please note carefully that there are two requirements before a user can send a text through TouchPoint: (1) they must have the SendSMS role and (2) they must be included in at least one Twilio group.

Step 3

Each phone number that you purchased from Twilio must be associated to a Group in TouchPoint. Only one Group can be associated with each phone number. However, a user can be assigned to multiple Groups.

Go to Administration > Setup > SMS Management and click the green + Add New Group button.

Step 4

Enter the Name and Description you want for the group; designate Use for System SMS per important note below; and click the blue Submit button.

The name and description can be the same. Or, just give it a short name with a longer description.


Name = NextGen

Description = Students 6th - 12th Grade


Certain functions require the system to use SMS messaging – for example, Send Leaders Attendance Reminder and Mobile Easy Sign in. One Twilio group must be designated for system use. To do this, check the box by Use for system SMS, then click Submit. After you have done this, the words “Used for System SMS” will be displayed in a blue badge to the right of that Twilio group name.

Step 5
Now click the green + Add button beside Numbers and select the phone number for that group. Then click Submit.
Step 6

Each group needs users that will text using that group’s number.

Click the green + Add button beside Users for the Group you just created. Then select each of the users you want to add to this Group.


Only Users with the SendSMS role will appear in the list, so be sure to assign the user roles before getting to this step.

Step 7
If you will be using Reply Words (Two-Way SMS), check the box under the Receive Notices column for each person that you want to receive an email when someone replies to a text from that group.

Repeat Steps 3-7 for each phone number you’ve purchased.

Facts re Groups, Numbers, and Users

  • You only need 1 group if you only purchased one number.
  • A phone number can only be in one group.
  • Each group can have multiple phone numbers associated with it.
  • Numbers will be displayed when you click +Add beside Numbers.
  • Each group must have users that can text using that number.
  • Users with the SendSMS role will display when you click +Add beside Users.
  • Users can be in multiple groups.
  • Even if users have the SendSMS role, they cannot send texts unless they are in a group.
  • If you get an error when trying to add numbers you probably have the SID and Token incorrect in the Settings.

This image below has 2 groups - Students and Recreation - but no numbers or users associated with either of them yet.

Phone Numbers

If you have purchased only one Toll-Free number and multiple ministries will use that number, that works fine. Only one number will display in the drop-down.

It you purchased multiple Toll-Free numbers, you can create a Group for each number, naming the Group based on the ministry that will use it.

This concludes the Admin setup for texting.

Now, since texting is an opt-in type of communication, you will need to encourage your congregation to sign up to receive texts. We have some suggestions for how to do that.

See also

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Latest Update 06/07/2021

Fix path on Step 3