Allow Last Year Shirt Text

Add this Extra Value to an organization you are using for Online Registration when you are asking for a shirt size, check Allow Last Year, and do not want the option to say Use Last Year’s Shirt.

Use Case

You are using the Shirt Size option (on the Questions tab) so registrants can purchase a t-shirt, but you want this to be optional. If you check the box Allow Last Year that will present an extra option at the bottom of the list of sizes and will not charge the registrant. However, the default text is Use Shirt from Last Year. You prefer it to say No Shirt or something else. This is the perfect option for you.

Create Extra Value for Optional Shirt

When you use add the Shirt Size question and check Allow Last Year a registrant selecting Use Last Year will not be charged the fee for the shirt. These instructions show you how to change the text that displays in the drop down for that option.

Step 1

Go to the Organization > Registration > Questions tab and select Add Questions.

Select Shirt Size and Done.

Step 2

Add the drop down options for the sizes you will offer.

Enter the text/label for the drop down.

Enter the Fee.

Check the box Allow Last Year.

Click Save.

Step 3

Go to the Settings > Extra Values tab on the Organization and click Show ad hoc Values.

Then click +Add/Update Extra Value.

Select Text (Multi-Line) as the Type.

Enter AllowLastYearShirtText as the Name.

Enter the text you want the registrant to see as the Value, such as No Shirt or Not Purchasing Shirt.

Click Save.

Sample Drop Down


When you run the Shirt Sizes Report, the number that represents those that selected the No Shirt option will display on the report under last year. Also, lastyear will display in the email Confirmation if you include the email replacement code for details.

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