Shirt Sizes Report

This report is a summary of Shirt Sizes from online registrations. The purpose is to give you a list of how many shirts to order in each size. The report includes how many individuals have indicated that they are using last year’s shirt, if you made that option available. The information comes directly from the Registration Questions for online registrations. This information can also be viewed (and edited) on an individual’s people record on the Involvement > Registration tab.

When running this report, you will select a Program and Division, so the report will included multiple orgs.

If you want the report for fewer orgs than an entire Division, enter the Org ID#s in the Name field. Separate them by a comma.


TouchPoint has several Excel exports related to registrations which will list the shirt size that was indicated during the online registration. For example: Select the Program and Division and then select Excel > Export Members. Other reports can be generated for an individual org.

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Member Export

Run the Shirt Sizes Report

Step 1

Go to Organization > Search.

Step 2

Select the Program and Division for which you want the shirt sizes.

Step 3

Select from the blue Toolbar Cloud icon > Special Reports > Shirt Sizes.

The report will open in a web page with the actual sizes listed and the number of people with that size on their record.

If you see a number without a label, those are people without a size listed. Frequently, these will be people that you enroll manually, such as leaders or coaches.


Try to keep your size labels consistent between organizations. Otherwise, you might see AD-S as well as AD-SM in the report, both meaning adult small.

Last Year

The number you see under lastyear will be anyone that opted to use last year’s shirt, if you offered that option. You can also add an Extra Value to the org if you want the text on the actual registration to display as something other than Use Last Year. Even if you make that change by using the Extra Value, the report will still show lastyear for those not purchasing a shirt.

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