Confidential Comments as Extra Values

Extra Values can be used to capture private notes in your database. Also, any Extra Value can be assigned a Visibility Role that will prevent any user other than one with that role from viewing and editing it.


Your System Admin can create a Standard Extra Value named Confidential Notes, for example, assigning it a Text (multi line) Type of value, so that you can enter multiple lines in a text box. He can then create a special user role named Confidential (again, whatever you want to name it), enter that role as the Visibility Role for this Extra Value, and assign that role to the users that need access to that information. So, only a user with the role Confidential can view and edit those types of notes.


If you enter a Visibility Role that is not already a user role in your database, you must create that role and assign it to those users that need to access this Extra Value.

You can use an existing user role as the visibility role, if you want comments to be seen, for example, by those with Finance Role or Application Review role. You do not have to create a new role.

Any type of Extra Value can be assigned a Visibility Role. The above-mentioned Extra Value is merely an example. You can name them whatever suits your purpose.

Only a BVCMS Admin can create Extra Values. Once a Visibility Role has been assigned, only a user with that role can view and edit those Extra Values.

We have put sample Standard Extra Values in the newer databases under Admin > Advanced > Special Content > Text Content > StandardExtraValues2. If your database does not have these, use ?Help to contact support, and we will put those in your database for you. That will give you a starting point.

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