Export Donor Fund Totals

Export Donor Fund Totals is an option on the Totals by Fund report. It generates an Excel spreadsheet with a summary of donations per person/giving unit per fund for the specified time period.


If a contributor made 4 contributions to Missions of $25 each, the report will display the total amount given to that Fund ($100) for the date range specified. If they also made 2 contributions to General Tithe of $50 each, their name would be listed on another line with the total for that fund ($100).


Couples who give jointly will be listed together on the same line, with their contributions for each fund combined.

How to Generate the Report

Step 1

Go to Administration > Totals by Fund.

Step 2

Select the Start and End dates.

Set any other filters, such as Campus, Tax Status, Source, Unclosed Bundles.

Click Run Report

Step 3

Click Export Donor Fund Totals

The Export Donor Fund Totals spreadsheet includes the following columns:

  • Giver ID #

  • Count (# of contributions for that donor for that Fund)

  • Amount

  • Amount Pledged (if a pledge was made during the specified date range)

  • Name

  • Spouse Name

  • Fund Name

  • Fund ID #

  • Main Fellowship Class Name

  • Church Member Status

  • Join Date

This is useful if you need a list of how much individuals/giving units have contributed to a given fund for a given date range. If you are interested only in those who have given to one specific Fund, you can sort or filter by the Fund ID or Fund Name once you open the export in Excel.

Using Excel Features

One suggestion would be to sort by the Fund ID and then select Data > Subtotal. You can then use the following settings to get subtotals for each Fund.


This is a function in Excel and will allow you to look at each Fund with its Totals and a Grand Total at the end. Which, of course, is what you already have on the Totals by Fund report. The benefit of using the Export Donor Fund Totals is to have the details.

Notice the 1, 2 & 3 on the left of the spreadsheet. Click 1 to get only the Grand Total, 2 to view the sub-totals by group (see screenshot below), and 3 to view all the details. You can also click the + beside each section to view the details of only that section (see 2nd screenshot below).



Another use of this report is to track Pledges. Run the Totals by Fund report for a date range that would include the dates when people made Pledges, then click Export Donor Fund Totals. You will be able to see how many contributions a person has made toward their pledge and the total amount they have given to it. You can sort the report by the Pledged column, so that those with Pledges are at the top. The total of their contributions toward that pledge will be displayed in the Amount column to the left.

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