Export Ledger Income

This export is an option on the Totals by Fund report. It generates an Excel spreadsheet with a summary of the Totals by Fund, but broken out by Bundle Type, and it contains the general ledger account information that is stored on the Fund.

This report gives you everything you need to enter these summary numbers into your general ledger.

Run the Ledger Income Report

Step 1

Go to Administration > Contributions > Basics > Totals by Fund.

Step 2

Select the From Date and To Date, then click Run to generate the Totals by Fund report. There are other options on that report as well. Make any selections that are appropriate.

Step 3

Select Export > Export Ledger Income.

This will open an Excel export using the date range, etc. you selected for the Totals by Fund report.

Information Included in the Export

Below are the columns included on this report. It will sort by Fund ID, then by Bundle Type:

* Count - total number of contributions
* Amount - total dollar amount
* Fund Id
* Fund Name
* ONLINE - if there is a 1, the contributions were made online
* Bundle Type
* Fund Account Code
* Fund Income Dept
* Fund Income Account
* Fund Cash Account

The last 4 columns contain information that is associated with each Fund. If this is not included when the Fund is created, you can go back and add it. This is to give you exactly where you will post the items in your general ledger.


Based on the general ledger that you use, your account numbers may be in a different format. You can enter whatever information you need in those fields. The purpose is to present as much information as possible to help you know exactly where to post these numbers in the GL.