Fund-Based Finance Roles

With fund-based finance roles, you can give a user Finance-like capabilities limited to a specific fund or group of funds. These roles, which you create, are then assigned to specific funds. Users who are given one of these roles will have access to financial data for the fund(s) that is associated with that role.

Use fund-based finance roles whenever you want to limit a user’s access to a defined subset of your funds. Perhaps you want to limit access to funds associated with one of your campuses, or to funds related to a satellite ministry of your church (e.g., a day-care operating on your premises and under the oversight of your church).

Three roles are required for a user to have this fund-based access:

  • FinanceViewOnly or FinanceViewOnlyDetails

  • FundManager

  • the role you create for access to the fund(s)


Step 1

Create the role that will allow access to the fund(s).

Give the new role a meaningful name. For clarity, you might consider using a naming scheme such as FinanceFundID where FundID is the ID of the fund to which this role will give access. If you are using Custom Fund Sets and the fund-based finance role you are creating is intended to limit access to a fund set, you may choose to use the same name for the role as for the associated fund set.

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Step 2

Assign the role to the fund.

  1. Go to Administration > Fund Management.

  2. Find the desired fund and click on the Edit button in the rightmost column.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Then select the new role from the Fund Management Role drop down list. Click Save Fund.

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Step 3

Ensure that the desired users have FinanceViewOnly (or FinanceViewOnlyDetails), FundManager, and the new custom role.

What Is Available?

Those who have been given a fund-based finance role will be able to view the following reports, but they will include only information regarding the fund(s) allowed by the role:

  • Deposits Totals

  • Totals by Fund (and the four standard exports in Other Reports on that page: Export Donor Details, Export Donor Fund Totals, Export Donor Totals, Export Ledger Income)

  • Donor Total Summary Export

  • Pledge Report

  • Donor Totals by Range

  • Totals by Age Range

  • Totals by Fund Range

  • Pledge Totals by Fund Range

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