Pledge Fulfillment Report

Pledge Fulfillment Report
This report can be run for any individual Pledge Fund that is open. It is an Excel report (with totals at bottom) that lists every donor who has a Pledge to that Fund. It also lists anyone who has contributed to that Fund, even if they have not made a Pledge. The default sort is by Pledge Amount; but, of course, you can sort by any column.


The check mark beside the Fund name indicates that it is a Pledge Fund. The Status will be either Open or Closed.
The report contains the following columns:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Spouse Name
  • Church Member Status
  • Pledge Date
  • Last Date (the last date a contribution was made to that fund)
  • Pledge Amount
  • Total Given (toward that fund)
  • Balance
  • Address > City > State > Zip
  • Credit Giver ID (ID # of the person who made the pledge)
  • Spouse ID (ID # of the giver’s spouse)
  • Family ID


If couples do not have combined contribution statements, and they each have pledges, they will be listed on separate rows in the report.

Run the Pledge Fulfillment Report

Step 1
Go to Administration > Contributions > Management > Fund Management
Step 2
Click the name of the Pledge Fund. It is the link for the report, which will open in Excel.

Comparison Fulfillment Report for 2 Funds

If you want to compare 2 open Pledge Funds, in a report like the Fulfillment Report, you can do so by following these directions.

  • Go to the Fund Management page and right-click on the name of one of the Pledge Funds and select Copy Link Address.
  • Take note of the Fund ID for the other pledge fund you want to include in the report.
  • Open a tab in your browser and paste the link. It will look like this, with 1022 being the Fund ID. -
  • Change the URL to look like this, changing PledgeFulfillments to PledgeFulfillment2, adding the other Pledge Fund ID at the end, and then removing FinanceReports/. (1023 being the other Pledge Fund). -

You can click here to view a very short video showing exactly what changes to make to the URL.

Once you have made these changes, you can bookmark this URL to use again. Remember to change the Fund IDs, if you want to look at different funds.

Latest Update 10/20/2020

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