Totals by Age Range Report

The report evaluates giving by age ranges, by showing the number of donors per age range as well the total dollar amount per range, and what portion of total donors that represents. It also shows the average per donor within the range.

To generate the Totals by Age Range Report

Step 1

Go to to Administration > Contributions > Range Reports > Totals by Age Range.

Step 2

Select a Campus (optional).

Step 3

Select a From Date and a To Date.

Click Run.


If you do not select a Campus, all Campuses will be included.

The report includes the following:
  • Range: a 10-year age range

  • Donors: number of donors

  • Count: number of individual contributions

  • %: percentage of contributors in that range compared to the total contributors

  • Amount: dollar amount of contributions

  • %: percentage of amount in that range compared to the total amount

  • Average: average amount for that date range per contributor


If a person does not have a date of birth on their record, they will be in the 0 age range.

Sample Report:

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