Vanco Import for Online Giving

If your church uses Vanco for online giving, you can import the file into TouchPoint. After the first import, during which you associate the contribution with the donor, you will only need to associate new donors.

Preliminary Steps

New Setting

Prior to importing files, the System Administrator for your TouchPoint database must add the SettingID BankDepositFormat with vanco as the Setting Value.


To insure that contributions are associated correctly, before importing a file, verify that the Vanco Fund ID numbers match the Fund ID numbers in TouchPoint.

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If you use the By Web History Report from Vanco, do NOT add the BankDepositFormat to your Settings. Also, in Step 2 below, you will need to copy the contents of the report (from cell A1 in the top left to the last row in column N) and paste it into the box for Batch Upload Contributions instead of choosing the file and uploading it.

Importing the Vanco file

The first time you import the file, you will need to associate the contributions with a donor in TouchPoint. For subsequent imports, you will only need to associate any new donors.

Step 1

Download the file from Vanco

Step 2

Go to Administration > Contributions > Management > Batch Upload Contributions.

Click Choose File and open the saved file you downloaded. The file name will appear beside the button.

Select the Contribution Date and enter the default Fund ID. Click the blue Submit button.

This will create a Bundle for each batch included in the file. The Total Bundle, Total Items, and the number of items will be populated. You will be taken to the last Bundle.

Step 3

Click PostBundleEdit.

Click Select beside the first item. Select is what you will see in the field where you would enter a People ID or Envelope # if you were entering contributions manually.

Search for the person.

When you find the person, select the name and then click Commit and Add. If you do not find the person, you can add a record at that point.


When you are associating a person with a donation you will select only one individual per donation. If couples give jointly, you just need to select one of them.

Tab through the fields, verifying that the correct Fund is assigned.

Step 4

Proceed as above until all contributions have been associated with a donor.

Step 5

Select the Deposit Date for each Bundle, and close the Bundle when you have finished.


Make sure you are familiar with our procedures for searching and adding records in TouchPoint before you began posting contributions.

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