Mobile App Giving History Page

On the Giving History page, users can view their giving history by summary (totals given to each fund) or detail (each individual gift listed) for any year they have made contributions. Users can also generate a giving statement, update their statement preferences, make a one-time gift, and manage their recurring giving schedule.

To access the Giving History page, go to the My Profile page (from the Home page, tap the profile picture). Then scroll down into the Personal section and tap on Giving History.

Giving Summary

By default, when you first come to the Giving History page, the summary for the current year is shown. To view a different year, select it from the drop down men. For each fund to which contributions have been made in the selected year, the fund name will be displayed with the YTD total amount given to that fund. At the bottom of the list, total YTD giving to all funds is shown.

Giving Detail

To switch from summary view to detail view, select Detail from the Summary/Detail drop down menu. Individual contributions for the selected year will be displayed from most recent to least recent (reverse chronological order). Each entry will show the date, fund, and amount. Under the fund name are displayed the giving source (e.g. Regular or Online) and the donor name. If a couple is giving jointly, the donor name will indicate which spouse made the gift.

Access Giving Statement

To view the giving statement for the selected year, tap PDF near the top of the screen. The statement is displayed in .pdf format and, depending on the capabilities of the mobile device, can be printed or saved.

Update Statement Preferences

To update statement preferences, tap the Statement Options icon in the lower right corner of the screen. On the Statement Options page, Electronic Statements can be toggled on or off, and the Statement Type and Envelope Option can each be set to Individual, Joint, Not Specified, or None. For information about these options, see Contribution Statement Types and Envelope Options.

Make a One-Time Contribution

To make a one-time contribution, tap the Make a Gift icon at the bottom of the screen. The user will be taken to the one-time giving page defined by the administration setting ExternalOneTimeGiftUrl if it is populated, otherwise to the giving page for the Online Giving organization.

Manage Recurring Giving

To manage recurring giving, tap the Recurring Gift icon at the bottom of the screen. The user will be taken to the manage recurring giving page defined by the administration setting ExternalManageGivingUrl if it is populated, otherwise to the page for the Manage Recurring Giving organization.

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