Contribution Statement Types and Envelope Options

Edit Statement and Envelope Options

The settings for these are on the Profile > Member tab of the People Record as well as on the Giving > Statements tab. A user with the Membership role or the Finance role can edit these. A My Data user can also update these fields on his own record or that of his family members.

  1. Click where you see the type or option displayed.

  2. Select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click the blue check mark to save changes.

Contribution Statement Types
  • Joint For married couples that want to receive one statement. It will be addressed to the couple with all their contributions combined, regardless of whether the contributions are posted to the husband or the wife’s giving record.


    Both spouses must have a marital status set to Married and both must have the Statement Option set to Joint.

  • Individual For singles or for married couples who want their contributions recorded separately. They will each receive a contribution statement showing only contributions posted to his or her individual giving records.

  • Not Specified This is the default for a new record. If a person has this setting and makes contributions, he will receive an individual statement. However, if his Marital Status is Married, the Gender is set, and there is a spouse in the family the default will be to send a Joint Statement.

  • None This should be set only if a person has requested not to receive a statement. This will prevent even an electronic statement from getting generated.

Electronic Only Statements

When this box is checked, the donor will be excluded when Contribution Statements are printed for everyone if you select Exclude Electronic Only when generating the statements. Those with this setting should be notified via email when each quarter’s contributions have been posted, so they can log on and print their statements.


In order for donors to generate their own statements, they must have at least a My Data user account.

Envelope Options

The Envelope Option needs to be set if you use an envelope mailing service. Otherwise, it is not necessary. You will want to create a saved search for those with Joint Envelopes and another one for those who receive Individual Envelopes, in order to upload the file to your mailing service.

  • Joint For married couples that want to receive one set of envelopes addressed to the couple. The envelope number will be the people ID# of the husband.

  • Individual For singles or for married couples who want to contribute individually. Married couples will also need to have their Contribution Statement Type set as Individual as well. Each person will receive their own packet of envelopes with their people ID# as the envelope number.

  • Not Specified This is the default for a new record.

  • None This is the setting to use if a person uses on-line giving or has requested not to receive envelopes.


Be sure to assign the same statement type and envelope option to both the husband and wife. Also, if they are giving jointly, be sure that they each have the marital status of Married.

Special Mailing Address and/or Couple Name

You can create a Family Extra Values for a Mailing Address (perhaps for a PO Box or business address) and/or for a Couple Name that is not standard (such as Rev. and Dr. John Smith or John Smith and Mary Jones) that will be used for printed Contribution Statements.