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Reminder Email

This email is created on the Registration > Messages tab for an Involvement that is used as an online registration. Originally, it was designed for use with the Volunteer Calendar. However, it can be used with other Involvements that have been used for online registrations.

This is the email that is sent when you select Email Reminders on the Volunteer Calendar or when you select Send Event Reminders from the blue Toolbar under the envelope icon when viewing the Members tab of the Involvement.

Create a Reminder Email

The Reminder Email is at the bottom of the page on the Messages tab.

Step 1

Go to Registration > Messages tab on the Involvement, click Edit and then scroll down to the Reminder section.

Step 2

Enter the Reminder Subject.

Step 3

Click Edit under the Reminder Body and enter the text for the Reminder Email.

You can include the email replacement {details} to remind the person of the selections they made when they registered. The {details} replacement code works like it does when you include in a normal Confirmation.

If this is for a Volunteer Calendar, include the {details} so the volunteer will see a list of their upcoming time slots, and also include a Register Link, so the person can manage their commitments.

You can also use the email replacement code {smallgroups} and it will list any/all sub-groups that the person is in.

Step 4

Click Save to save the body of the reminder email, and then click Save Changes before you leave that tab.


Be sure to save the body of the email reminder, and then save all the changes on that tab. If you do not click Save Changes after saving the reminder, you will lose your changes.


If you are using the Reminder for an Involvement for which the online registration is constantly changing (such as adding or changing options) do not use the {details} replacement code. It pulls information from the original registration selections. If those have changed, the replacement code will not work correctly. Use {smallgroups} instead. The will list any current sub-groups in which the person is enrolled in that Involvement.

Send the Reminder

For a regular Involvement

Go to the Involvement and select Blue Toolbar > Mail Icon > Send Event Reminders

This will send the Reminder Email to everyone enrolled in the Involvement.

For a volunteer calendar Involvement - option 1

Go to the Involvement and select Blue Toolbar > Mail Icon > Send Volunteer Reminders

This will send the Reminder Email to only those with commitments in the upcoming 7 days.

For a volunteer calendar Involvement - option 2

Go to the Involvement and select Blue Toolbar > Gear > Volunteer Calendar.

Click the Email Reminders button to send only to those with commitments in the upcoming 7 days.

For a volunteer calendar Involvement - option 3

Follow directions for option 2, but check the box Email All before clicking the Email Reminders button. This will send the reminder email to everyone that has any future commitments, regardless of when they are scheduled.


Option 3 will not send to anyone enrolled in the Involvement that does not have a commitment on the calendar itself.

Use Case 1 - Online Registrations for Events

You have an online registration that asks which breakout session the person plans to attend during your seminar. You might want to put a list of those breakout sessions along with the room numbers in your Reminder Email.

However, by including the {details} or the {smallgroups} replacement code, the registrant will see which selection they made and will know just where to go.

Usually you get very busy close to the event. So, composing and saving the Reminder Email ahead of time, while you have the time to think about what you want to say, is a good idea. You can always edit it before sending if you need to. See the important note above.

Use Case 2 - Volunteer Calendar Reminders

If your Involvement is a Volunteer Calendar, then you will probably want to send weekly reminders to those who have time slots in the upcoming 7 days. This is the email you will use for that. Be sure to include the email replacement code {details}, so they see the time slots when they are supposed to serve. Also, include a Register Link in case they need to manage their commitments or get a sub.


Is this the same as a Scheduled Email?

No - A Scheduled Email would not include everyone who registers if you schedule it prior to the end of the registration process. You determine the moment you are ready to send the Reminder and with one click, you send it. It is sent to all the members of the Involvement at the time you actually choose to send it when you send from the Toolbar on the Members tab of the Involvement.

Can the Reminder be sent more than once?

Yes - As long as there is a Reminder email on the Messages tab for the Involvement, whenever the Send Event Reminders link is clicked, that email will be sent.

What if I want to send more than one Reminder?

Not a problem - Create your first message and save it. After you send it, create the next Reminder. When you click Send Reminders, it will send the latest Reminder.

Which email replacement is best to use - {details} or {smallgroups}?

If you make changes to your online registration, always use {smallgroups}. If your registration does not change once you create your Volunteer Calendar, {details} will work great.

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