Online Registration Settings

Administrative Settings

There are a couple of administrative settings that affect the way online registrations work.


By default, registrations time out after 3 minutes of no keystrokes. Change the value for this setting to increase the length, if necessary.


By default, a registrant has the option to register other members of their immediate household during the registration process. Set this value to 1 to allow registering members of the registrant’s related families. Set this value to 2 to include related family members of the registrant’s related families.

Online Registrations are created using the Settings tabs on Involvements.

Below is a list of each of the tabs on an Involvement relating to settings and registrations. The brief explanations included are far from all-inclusive. Please refer to the links in the See also messages relating to each setting.

Settings > General

This tab contains basic information about the Involvement, such as the Location. Not everything on this tab relates to online registrations.

Settings > Attendance

This tab contains information relating to items such as Schedules and Check-In, as well as the Gender and Birthdate ranges that are used with Compute Org by Birthday registrations.

Settings > Extra Values

This is where you can add Extra Values to your Involvement. The Small Group Finder will use the EVs for the various filters you want to use.

Registration > Registration

This tab contains information that is specific to online registrations and is where you set the Registration Type, Maximum Limit, and other settings.

Registration > Fees

This tab contains information related to the fees associated with an online registration: Fee, Deposit, Late Fee, Fund ID for Mission Trips and Ask Donation setting.

See also

Fee Settings Tab

Registration > Questions

This tab contains the options for you to add to your online registration form, such as checkboxes, drop downs, and questions.

Registration > Messages

This is the tab where you create the email Confirmation, Instructions, select the Online Notify Persons.

There are several other help articles about creating online registrations that will be of interest if you are going to set up online registrations.

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