Mission Trip Coupons

With all of the features built into online Mission Trips and the features built into the Member Dialog, you do not need to issue Coupons for someone to register for a Mission Trip or to make a subsequent payment toward the balance of the trip. That said, you can still use Coupons if you want. Here is how they will work.

Coupon for the Initial Deposit/First Payment

If a registrant uses a Coupon for the first payment (the deposit) for a Mission Trip, this system assumes this Coupon is to give the Goer a discount. It does not assume that the Coupon represents that the person actually paid the amount in cash or check. That said, here is what happens:

  1. You create a Coupon for the specific org in the amount of the discount and give the code to the registrant.

  2. The registrant (Goer) registers online for the trip, selects Pay Deposit Only, enters the Coupon Code in the appropriate field on the page, and clicks Apply Coupon.

  3. The registrant will receive a confirmation that should have a paylink replacement code that will display the current balance after the Coupon has been applied.

  4. He will use that paylink for all subsequent online payments.

  5. The payment using the Coupon will will NOT create an online bundle, nor will it create a contribution record for the Goer.

Alternate Method for Allowing a $0 Deposit or a Discount

You can have the System Admin create a Deposit Extra Value on the record of the Goer. This will allow the Goer to register online without paying a deposit. His balance will be the total amount of the trip.

To give him the amount of the deposit (or any amount) as a scholarship, use the Transaction Adjustment.

These are both in lieu of using Coupons.