Deposit Extra Value

For online registrations, you can waive or lower the amount of the Deposit for an individual by having the System Admin create Ad Hoc Extra Value on the person’s record.

This allows that individual to register online and pay either a reduced deposit or no deposit. This does not affect the total fee for the trip. They will still be required to pay the full amount.

Step 1

Go to the people record of the person needing the waived or lowered deposit - the Profile > Extra Values tab and click the Ad Hoc Values link.

Step 2

From the toolbar gear icon, select EXTRA VALUES > Add Extra Value.

Step 3

Enter the following information for the Extra Value.

The Type will be Integer.

The Name will be Deposit-81140 with 81140 being the ID# of the Organization.

The Value will be the amount you want the Deposit to be for that person. It can be any positive number (entered without a dollar sign).

Enter a 0 if you do not want to require any Deposit.

Ad Hoc Extra Value for Deposit

After the System Admin has created the Extra Value, have the person register online. When they select Pay Deposit Only, the amount presented on the payment page will be the amount in the Extra Value. If the amount is zero, they will not be taken to the payment page, but they will have completed their registration at that point. However, they will still be able to make subsequent payments using the {paylink} in their confirmation email.

See also

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For registration involving the entire family, you can create an Ad Hoc Extra Value on the organization that will allow for a family deposit. This will charge each family the same deposit, while allowing them to register each member of the family.

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