Registration Report and Export

The Registration Report is designed for use with camps or trips, but is also useful for the nursery. It can be printed to give to a camp nurse or cabin leader (or kept in a classroom) as it will contain medical and emergency information. The PDF report generates a one page for each person enrolled in a given organization.

The Registration Report (Excel) contains basically the same information, but in Excel format, with one row per registrant. Where necessary, there will be a column for the question and one for the answer. For standard questions, such as Mother and Father’s name, they will just be in a column with a header.


The Registration Report prints any sub-groups the registrant is in; whereas the Excel export does not. However, sub-groups are listed in the Groups Export.

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To Generate the Report or Export

Step 1

Go to the specific Organization and select Blue Toolbar > Cloud > Org Members Reports.

Step 2

Select either Registration Report, for the one page per person report. Or select Registration Report (Excel) for the Excel export.

What Information Is Included

The following information is contained on both the one-page per person report as well as on the Excel export:

Member’s basic information
  • Name

  • Address

  • Email address

  • Phone numbers

  • Parents’ Names and cell numbers, if they are in TouchPoint

  • Member’s date of birth

  • Allergies

  • Grade (only on Excel Export) It comes from the grade on the people record, and does not have to be a Question on the registration.

The rest of the report will list information based on what has been requested in the on-line registration.


If the registration is for a camp or trip that will be out of town, or if the event is a sport during which the registrant might be injured, the following are useful questions to ask during the registration and will display on this report and export.

  • Allergy information (nothing will print if there is no information provided on the registration form)

  • Specific medications that can be given - yes or no. Tylenol; Advil; Robitussin; Maalox

  • Emergency contact with phone number

  • Health insurance provider and policy number

  • Physician’s name and phone number

  • Mother and Father’s names (these are requested on forms because sometimes the parents are not in the church database)

  • T-shirt size