Attendance History

Every people record has an Involvement > Attendance tab. This is a record / history of that person’s attendance.

Below are examples of Attendance History with the various type of attendance.

Use Case 1: Leader Attendance

Kirk is the teacher of the class. His Member Type is Teacher and his Attend Type is Leader.

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Use Case 2: Visitor/Guest Attendance 2 Times

In this example, the Member Type is Visitor for both attendances, yet the Attend Type is New Visitor for the first visit and changed to a Recent Visitor after the first visit. This helps you identify your first-time guests. You can use Search Builder to find people based on their Attendance Type.

Use Case 3: Visiting Member Attendance

Phyllis is a Member of the Adult–Couples class, and she visited the Adult–Ladies class that has the same schedule. She has an Attend Type of Visiting Member in the class she visited (Ladies). In the class in which she is a Member (Couples), she has an Attend Type of Other Class and a 1 in the Other Attend column in her attendance history. There was also a 1 in the Other Attend column on the meeting page for Couples class.

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Use Case 4: VIP Attendance
Anne serves as a Volunteer in the VIP Ministry. Her Member Type in that Involvement is VIP. She is also enrolled in a Couples class where she serves as an In-Reach Leader. The week in which she serves as a VIP (Volunteer in Preschool), she has an Attend Type of Volunteer and there is an Other Attend recorded for her Couples class.
Use Case 5: Off-Site Attendance

David is a member of a Couples class, but was out of town on a Mission Trip from 11/18 – 11/30. The Mission Trip Involvement was marked as an Offsite Trip for those dates. So, when attendance was recorded for David’s Couples class on 11/20, his Attend Type was recorded as Offsite with an Other Attend.

Use Case 6: In-Service Attendance

Jeffrey is the Assistant Teacher in a 6th Grade Boys class, but he is also enrolled as an In-Service Member of a Couples class where his wife attends. His Attend Type is In-Service with an Other Attend in the Couples class when he is recorded Present in the 6th Grade class.

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Use Case 7: Group Attendance

Maria is a Member of a Ladies class. However, they did not record individual attendance for 8/28. They used a Headcount instead, as they did not know which Members were actually there. Maria’s Attendance History has an Attend Type of Group. This type of attendance neither helps nor hurts Maria’s attendance percentage in that class.

Latest Update 3/25/2021

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