How to Use Search Builder

Search Builder is the go-to tool when you want to build a target group to email, print labels or run reports for, or just to find out how many people match your criteria. You will use Search Builder to mine your TouchPoint database using conditions you specify.


Each database created after May 16, 2017, will contain 5 sample searches. You can use those to get started building your own. If you do not see all of these searches when you go to Saved Searches, enter the word sample in the name field and press search. These are just a few ways to use Search Builder to find people based on the conditions they meet at the time you run the search.

Searches are built using a combinations of conditions. The conditions you use can be as simple as finding everyone with a Church Member Status of ‘Member’. Or they can be as complex as something like one the following:

  • Members, aged 30-40, who have children of a specified age range that have attended something in a specified number of days.

  • Everyone who attended a Worship Service as a New Guest during a specified date range and has not attended a Life Group.

The possibilities are endless…or at least close to it!

Results, Reports, Actions

Once you run your search, the results will be a page giving basic information about the individuals. The results page will always contain the same columns. Use the Blue Toolbar for any actions or reports you want for this group of individuals.

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Toolbar Options

Search Builder is also used to create Status Flags.


Each search contains at least one Group and you can add more as needed. We have a thorough explanation for using groups in another help article.


There are 16 categories, each with multiple Condition options. The best way to learn is to just explore and click on each category to see the options. As demonstrated in the videos above, you will land on the All tab, where you have the option of entering a keyword to find a Condition; or you can select the Categories tab, select a category, and then select a Condition.


Each Condition in the dialog box will have a ?Help Article button to the right. Click that to view the individual help article about that Condition.

Here is a summary of the categories, with a description of the types of Conditions available:


Age, gender, marital status, employer, occupation and Conditions relating to an individual


Position in family, number of family members, family has children, and other Conditions relating to the family


Resident code, zip, city, and Conditions relating to addresses

Contact Info

Home #s, whether the spouse has an email address, texting, and other Conditions relating to contacting people


Conditions relating to Tasks, Contacts, items marked on a guest card


Campus, member status, join date, decision type, and other items relating to a person’s church membership


Watch the video below for instructions on building a search to find church members based on the date they joined.


Conditions relating to a person’s involvement, including items such as Member type within an organization, sub-group, number of enrollments

Enrollment History

Conditions relating to enrollment dates to find historical data

Current Org

Looks at those currently enrolled in the most recent organization you viewed, or is a prospect, previous member and more


Volunteer status, whether they have a volunteer application, their approval code - items on a person’s Volunteer tab

Recent Attendance

Conditions relating to attendance, allowing you to look back a number of days, a family’s children’s attendance and more

Attendance Dates

Similar to above, but using date ranges

Extra Values

Conditions relating to various types of extra values


Conditions relating to envelope options, statement options, recent contribution count and other items relating to contributions


You must have the user role of Finance in order to see any results using these Conditions.


Just what it sounds like - a potpourri of Conditions


Items relating to user accounts, when and by whom records were created, Conditions used by the system admin

As you see, there are tons of options to use and combine to make effective searches. The list above just scratches the surface. You need to experiment with various combinations to see just how flexible and far-reaching this tool can be.

Videos of Sample Searches

Here are a few videos to serve as samples to help you get started. Be sure to check out our YouTube channel as well.

Finding Church Members Based on their Join Date

Creating a Search Using Multiple Groups of Conditions

Newsletter Search (Resident Adult Members)

Newsletter Search Expanded (Using Multiple Groups,Cut & Paste)

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