First, Second, or Third Time Attender Reports

These reports are actually pre-built searches. When you click one of the links, Search Builder will begin the search to find attenders whose 1st, 2nd or 3rd attendance to anything at your church occurred during the past 7 days.

This utilizes the Search Builder Condition Recent Visit Number. The search is pre-built for you with 7 days as the number of days to look back. These searches are built to prevent overlap between the reports.


The Third Time Attender Report will exclude those whose 2nd attendance occurred during that number of days. Notice the first Condition is True (3 visits, 7 days) and the 2nd Condition is False (2 visits, 7 days). The search for first time attenders will contain only one Condition and it will be True - 1 visit, 7 days.

Search Builder Conditions for 3rd Visit

We realize that you probably have a different outreach strategy based on how many times a person has attended your church. These reports were created to assist you in this. After running the report, you can assign Tasks right there using the toolbar in Search Builder.

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You can easily verify these reports. From the Search Builder results, click the name of anyone in the results list. Go to the person’s Involvement > Attendance and you can easily see 1, 2 or 3 attendances.

Remember, the Attend Type might not always be First Time Guest or Recent Guest, even though the person has only 1 attendance. When a person pre-registers for an event/class, they will be enrolled as a Member of the Organization. So, their first attendance will be as a Member not a Guest. Also, a person may attend an event at which you track only a headcount. So, they will not be a 1st time attender until the first time they attend something at which you track individual attendance.

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