Filter and Sort Options

On an organization page, you have a number of options for filtering in order to view/manage a list of people. You can filter based on a person’s name, one or more sub-groups, using checkboxes, or even a tag. You can even select a multi-tab view. TouchPoint gives you a lot of flexibility regarding which people you view in a list. This makes it easy for you to send one email to people that might be a mixture of Members, Guests, Prospects, or Previous Members. After you filter the list, you can then use the blue Toolbar to send email, text, print reports, create a tag, and more for just that filtered group.

Name Filter

This is really helpful for very large organizations, as it allows you to find a person(s) by name.

Step 1

In the text field enter the first or last name, first and last name, or just a few letters of each.

Step 2

Press Enter/Return or click the Filter button. This will return the person(s) matching the text you entered.

Sub-Group Filter

This is useful for communicating with people in one or more sub-groups at a time, or for finding those not in a sub-group, or those in multiple sub-groups. You have several options for filtering.

Use the drop down menu:
  • Select one or more sub-groups using the drop down menu to find everyone in one of those groups.

  • Select None Assigned to find those not assigned to any sub-group.

  • Select Match All to find people who are in each group specified.

  • Select Exclude to find people not in any of the group(s) specified.

Use the text box:
  • Enter the first few letters of a sub-group and follow with an asterisk (*) for a partial match.

  • Lead with a minus sign (-) to exclude a sub-group.

  • Use a semi-colon (;) to separate multiple sub-group names.


Press Filter after making selection(s) using the drop down menu. Press Enter/Return or Filter when entering groups using the text box.

To remove the filter:

Click the Clear button to remove any filters.

Filter Button

This button is used, not only when you are filtering by Name or by Sub-Group, but it also has some other special functions in its drop down menu.

Filter button options:
Filter Checked Individuals

This will display everyone on that tab that is checked. If you are using the Multi-Tab view and have individuals checked from each tab, it will filter for those checked on any tab you have selected.

Filter by Active Tag

This will work based on the Active Tag that displays on the top right in the header to find individuals in that org who are also in a specific Tag.

Check All

This will check everyone in the list you are viewing.

Check None

This removes the checks for everyone in the list you are viewing. If you are viewing Members and select Check None, and you have some checked on the Guest tab, those will not get unchecked until you go to that tab and select Check None. The exception is when you are in the Multi-Tab view. Then, selecting Check None will remove the checks from those in the list, regardless of the tab they are on.

Everyone listed on any tab under the main People tab on an Organization has a checkbox beside his name. Just check the boxes for anyone in the list, and then press Filter in order to view just those checked.

Press Clear to remove the filter. Select Check None to remove any checkboxes for those you are viewing.


You can use shift-click to select a range of people. Click the box beside the first person, hold down the shift key, and then click the box beside the last person.


Pressing Clear will remove any filtering. However, that does not remove the checkboxes. To remove all checkboxes, select Check None.

Options Button

The Options button has several functions. Some relate to the type of information displayed for individuals, while others relate to which individuals display in your list.

Select Multiple

Once this is selected, you can select multiple tabs and view everyone from those tabs in one list.

Show Hidden

This will display any Guests or Prospects that you have chosen to hide.

Ministry Info

Select this to display the most recent Contact and any incomplete Tasks.

Show Address

This option will display the person’s street address.

After you have selected your groups and pressed Filter, the list of people will match your conditions. At that point you can use the Toolbar to send emails, run reports, etc. for only those individuals selected.


On any of the People tabs, you can click on the blue column headers to sort by that column. There is also a Date drop down, so that you can sort by various dates. If you have selected the Ministry Info option, you can even sort by the Contact and Tasks dates.

Use Case for Inactive Dates

If you use Inactive Dates for Deacons or others to flag when they finish their term of service and are going to rotate off for a year or so, you can sort by the Inactive date. Then you can check those ready to rotate off, filter for those checked, and then easily drop them using Update Members.