In-Service Members

In-Service Org Member

An In-Service member is a person who is a Leader (Teacher, Assistant Teacher,or any other leader type) in one organization, but who wants to maintain contact with (or be a part of) another org that has the same Schedule.

In order for the system to record an In-Service member’s attendance correctly, follow these rules:

  • The Member Type should be Teacher (or any other leader type) in the class he actually attends, and In-Service in the class he does not normally attend.

  • His attendance should be recorded Present for the class he actually attends and Absent for the class in which he is an In-Service Member.

If those rules are followed, the person’s attendance will be neither helped nor hurt in the class where he is In-Service and is marked absent, assuming he is marked Present in the class where he is a leader. The only time an In-Service member should be marked present in the class where they have that Member Type is if they are actually present in that class instead of the class that they lead.


Mary teaches 1st Grade at 8:00 AM on Sunday, but her husband is a Member of an 8:00 AM Couples class. Mary wants to be considered a part of the Couples class in order to fellowship with them. The teacher of the Couples class will be the lay leader who will minister to Mary and her husband when the need arises. The teacher of the Couples class knows that Mary will not normally attend his class.

Mary’s Involvement
  • 1st Grade class - Mary’s Member Type is Teacher

  • Couples class - Mary’s Member Type is In-Service

Recording Mary’s Attendance:
  • 1st Grade class, Mary will be marked Present when she attends.

  • Couples class, Mary will not be marked Present.

Meeting page for her classes:
  • 1st Grade class Meeting page will indicate that she Attended (was Present).

  • Couples class Meeting page will have an indicator that she has an Other Attend and her Attend Type will be In-Service.

Mary’s Attendance History:
  • Present in 1st Grade.

  • Marked Absent in the Couples class, but with an Other Attend indicator and an Attendance Type of In-Service.

We want to record what actually happens - that is, we want to know where Mary attended (1st Grade), but we do not want to penalize her for not attending the Couples class.