Leaders Report

Leaders Report

This report was designed for use with organizations that have more than one leader so that you can see all leaders for each org. For example: Vacation Bible School classes where there might be a Director, Co-Director, several Teachers, Workers or other leader types. You can easily see the orgs that still need specific leaders.

It lists the following information with one report per organization (that is, a page break after each org):

  • People ID #

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Phone Numbers

  • Member Type


Some like to run this report at the end of the current year’s VBS (before you drop everyone and make the orgs Inactive), in order to start lining up leaders for the next year. Using the report, you know at a glance where leaders served.

Run the Leaders Report

Step 1

Go to Organizations > Search / Manage from the header.

Step 2

Select the appropriate filters to get the set of organizations you want.

Step 3

From the blue Toolbar > cloud icon Reports > Leaders.

The output is a PDF report that lists only those who are members of the organizations that have a Member Type other than Member.


Sample Leaders Report

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