Involvements > Search / Manage Page

This page allows you to filter and search for Involvements using various criteria.

Main View

When viewing this tab, you can find a specific Involvement or groups of Involvements. It is also where you can use the blue Toolbar to perform certain actions, generate reports, and more.

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Toolbar Options

There are a number of criteria you can use when performing a search for an Involvement or list of Involvements.

Go to Involvements > Manage > Search.


To find a specific Involvement, in the Name field, enter part of the Involvement name, its Leader’s name, the Location, the Involvement ID#, or part of the Division name. To find multiple Involvements, use one or more of the dropdown menus/filters.


You can also enter part of the Division name in the Name field. This is helpful if you do not know the name of the Program


You can also find Involvements by using Search in the header.

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Search Box


We also have an advanced Involvement search using the Name field.

Involvement Type

This presents the list of Involvement Types that you have created on your database, if you have any. In addition, it also presents several other options as well that are attributes:

  • Involvements Without Fees

  • Involvements With Fees

  • Involvements Without Type

  • Child Involvement

  • Parent Involvement

  • Not Main Fellowship

  • Main Fellowship

  • Suspended Checkin

Other Dropdown Menus

You can filter by using one or more of the other dropdown menus.

  • Program

  • Division

  • Status

  • Campus

  • Schedule

  • Online Registration (see below)

The Status dropdown defaults to Active. All the others default to (not specified).

Online Registration Dropdown

This will present the normal Online Registration types as well as a few other options.

  • (Active Registration)

  • (Any Reg on App)

  • (Active Reg Not on App)

  • (Master or Stand Alone)

  • (Any Registration)

  • (Child of Master Reg)

  • (Stand Along Reg)

  • No Online Registration

  • Join Involvement

  • Use Selects Involvement

  • Compute Involvement by Birthday

  • RegisterLink Master

  • Manage Subscriptions

  • Choose Volunteer Times

  • Record Family Attendance

  • Special Script

  • Ticketing (if enabled)

  • Scheduler

  • Mission Trip

  • One Page Form

Search Results

After you select the filters and click Search, a list of Involvements will display. The list will include columns for the following:

  • Icon with more info (click to see the Involvement ID, Program/Division, and more)

  • Involvement Name

  • Leader’s name

  • Current Enrollment count

  • Previous Enrollment count/Prospect Count

  • Schedule

  • Self-Checkin (Yes or No)

  • Use (DOB or Grade)

  • Birthday Start and Birthday End dates

Click any column header to sort by the data in that column.


There are a couple of items you can edit on the Involvement Search / Manage page without going to the individual Involvement.

  • Self-Checkin Click either Yes or No in the Self Checkin column. Then either check the box to allow Check-In or uncheck the box not to allow it. Then click the check mark to accept the change.

  • Use Click either Grade or Date of Birth in the Use column. This will determine which classes are offered to Guests in Check In based on DOB or Grade of the Guest.

  • Grade View and update the Grade for the Involvement from the dropdown list.

  • Birthday Start and End dates If no date has been set, click where you see N/A in the column and select the date from the date picker. Then click the check mark to accept the change.

    If a date is already there and you need to change it, just click on the date, and select another date. Click the check mark to accept the change.


When you leave and return to Involvements > Search / Manage, your previous selections will be remembered. Be sure to press Clear when changing your search criteria, so you don’t overlook something from a previous search.

Mobile View 2.0

The view on this tab changes the columns that you are viewing, and is where you can manage the registrations that appear on your version of the TouchPoint Custom Mobile app. Read the Online Registrations on Custom Mobile App help article to find out exactly how to manage the registrations that are displayed on the app, and for more information on how to use the Mobile View 2.0 tab to help with this process.


If you do not currently have the TouchPoint Custom Mobile app, please contact TouchPoint Sales ( to find out about the added capabilities.

The following columns are displayed on the Mobile View 2.0 tab.


The name of the Involvement.

Include in mobile app

This box is checked in the Advanced Setup section on the Registration > Registration tab of the Involvement, which then adds it to the Mobile View 2.0 tab and displays the registration in the app. Unchecking the box will remove the registration from the app.

Sort Order

This determines the placement of this registration within its specific Category.


These options will be whatever was created in the Registration Categories under Administration > Setup > Lookup Codes > Involvements > Category in Mobile. Click in the field to select a Category.


This is where you can assign the Location to each live registration in the app.

Start Date and End Date

The Start Date and End Date are the dates the registration will allow someone to register.

Filled and Closed

If either of these are checked, the registration will no longer display on the app. These indicate that the registration has either met its maximum number of registrants or the End Date has passed.


This is the link type tied to the registration. By default, the link is Individual to initially display only the person that is logged in. You can select Family to initially display all the family members of the person that is logged in.


A Description can be added here or on the Involvement itself under Settings > General > Basic Setup. This will be displayed on the Registration Details page in the app.


A Photo can be added here or on the Involvement itself under Settings > General > Basic Setup. This will be displayed on the Registration Details page in the app.

Management View

The Management View tab allows a user with OrgTagger role to manage the Divisions and Involvement Types. You can add, remove, or create a new Division and set the Involvement Types for the Involvements in your search results. You can also set the Main Division for a group of Involvements.

Blue Toolbar on Involvements > Search / Manage

The blue Toolbar is where you you will see many other options.

Before making a selection from the Toolbar, be sure to filter for the set of Involvements you want.

Then select the export, report, or action you want to perform (such as Creating Meetings for multiple Involvements or Email Attendance Notices). Each of these selections will return (or act on) the set of Involvements in your filter.


There are other exports, reports, and actions that you access from an individual Involvement.

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Updated online registration type information.