Meeting Day Stats

This Excel export is generated from the Organzation > Search / Manage page, for any group of organizations you choose. That means that you can filter for Program - Life Groups > Division - Adult 1 > Schedule - Sun 8:00 AM. Or, you can filter using just a Program. Neither a Division nor a Schedule are required.

The report will have one row per meeting for the orgs included in your filter. If an organization has multiple schedules and/or multiple meetings on the date selected, the organization will appear once for each meeting.

The report is on the blue Toolbar > Cloud > Meeting / Attendance. After selecting Meeting Day Stats, select a single date for which your organization would have had meetings, and run the report.


The export contains the following information in separate columns:

  • Organization ID#

  • Organization Name

  • Leader

  • Location

  • Meeting Time (date/time)

  • Attends (total people in attendance, including guests and visiting members)

  • Guests (total guests in attendance, both new and repeat)

  • Members (enrollment total as of the meeting, includes inactive members and prospects)

  • New Members (how many joined the class within 7 days after the meeting)

  • Dropped (how many members were dropped within 7 days after the meeting)

  • Members7 (total members after new members and drops have been recorded)

Sample Report

Here is a snippet of a report.


The report was created to give church staff a way to evaluate the classes for which they are responsible. You can easily see which classes have guests and which have new members and/or dropped members.

It was designed to be run each week after all attendance has been entered (including guests) and any changes (adds or drops) have been made.

You can go back and run this report for a date several months ago. However, remember that the Members count is what it was on the date of the meeting. And the New Members and Dropped Members occured within the 7 days following the date of the meeting.

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