Meetings / Attendance (date range)

For this report, you specify a date or a date range. The report lists every meeting for every organization that is included in your filtered list. If you do not use any filters, you will get a report for all of your organizations that have meetings during the date range.

There are 2 versions of this report and both are accessed from the cloud icon on the blue Toolbar when you are on the Organizations > Search / Manage page.

Excel Export

Opens directly in Excel or Numbers


Opens in your browser

Run the Report

Step 1

Use the filters to get a list of organizations to include in the report.

Step 2

From the blue Toolbar under the cloud icon, select Meetings/Attendance > Meetings/Attendance (date range) for the Excel/Numbers version, or Reports > Meetings/Attendance (date range) for the onscreen Report version.

Step 3

Select the date range using the calendar. Click Run.


If you want the report for a single date, select only a start date.

Here’s what the Report looks like when run for a date range. Notice that the report is sorted by the organization name, with one row for each meeting for each class during the date range, and with the meetings sorted by the most recent date.

The Excel/Numbers export contains the same information. It just opens in Excel instead of in your browser.



If you select the Excel Export, you can use Excel’s Subtotal feature to get the average attendance by class.

Here’s how to use Excel Subtotal:

Step 1

Click on the Data tab in Excel & select Subtotal

Step 2

Select the settings as follows: | - At each change in Leader | - Use Function Average | - Add subtotal to Present | - Click OK


This will put 3 summary buttons on the left of the spreadsheet

  • Click 1 to see just the Grand Average

  • Click 2 to see the Summary Averages

  • Click 3 to see all Organizations and all Meetings


Your version of Excel may be different than the one used for the screenshot. If so, use the Help tab in Excel to find out more about creating Subtotals.

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