Deceased Members and Non-Members

You use the following procedure for anyone in your database who is deceased, whether he is a church member or not. If the person is a member at the time of his death, his church membership status will change to Previous Member.

Please keep reading because you do not change the Member Status manually!

Flag a Person as Deceased

Step 1

Go to the Personal tab of the individual’s record in the database and click Edit.

Step 2

Use the date picker to select the Deceased Date.

Step 3

Click Save Changes. That is all you have to do!


After a person is flagged as deceased you will need to use the Basic People Search as deceased people do not display when using Quick Search. Also, all Search Builder queries will omit deceased people unless you add the Condition “Include Deceased” or you are using a Condition that relates specifically to a deceased person – such as “Deceased Date’’.

Automatic Changes

These are all of the changes that are made automatically when you save the deceased date.

Member Status-

Changes to Previous Member (if member)

Contact Flags-

Do Not Call, Visit, Mail flags are set to True

Deceased Date-

Displays in red in business card section

Name on their profile page and in the family list-

Highlighted in red

Marital Status for surviving spouse-

Changes to Widow

Statement and Envelope Options for surviving spouse-

Set to Individual


The deceased person is dropped from all organizations

Head Of Household-

If the deceased person is a Primary Adult, he will have a new designation of Head2, instead of either Head or Spouse. This only displays in the Family List on the left side on the Personal tab of an individual. When the HOH spouse dies the other spouse will become the HOH.


The age of the deceased person that displays on their people record will remain what it was at the time of death.