First Time Attenders

A lot of people know how to use the Recent Attend Type condition which lets you find first time attenders based on their Attendance Type. There is an Attendance Type called New Visitor. There are others such as Recent Visitor, Visiting Member, etc. but New Visitor codes this way when a person is not a member of an organization and attends there for the first time. But of course, that does not tell you that it is the first time they attended the church, just that particular organization’s event. And, when people sign up for an event online and then attend, they are attending as a Member, not a New Visitor. This is because they are already a member of the organization when they attended one of its meetings.

There is also a Recent Attend Account condition which works OK but you have to add the condition twice (once for the last week and once again for the last long period of time) and it will only work if they have attended exactly once. So for example, if some one had visited worship and another small group on the same day or week, they would have two attendances. To find if  these two  visits were the first time they had attended using the Recent Attend Count condition you would have to specify 2 attendances for the past 7 days and 2 attendances for the past 1000 days.

Super Condition to the rescue!

But there is a condition which does exactly what you want that does not depend on Attendance Type or on the fact that they had only attended once. That condition is called Recent New Visit Count. See below. Here is how it works: You specify a number of days, say 7, for which you want to look for any number of attendances which represent the first time this person has attended in some long period of time. In this case, I am using 365 days as the no attendance time frame. In other words, the condition below will find anybody who has attended one or more times in the past week but had not attended at all in the previous year. Note that I am not specifying any Program/Division/Organization. This way, the results are for any attendance to the church at all.


There are also pre-built reports under the Reports menu for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Time Attenders. Click HERE to read about those.

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