Member Type Attended as Of

This condition on the Attendance Dates tab looks at a date range, and finds all attendees with a specific Member Type in their organization. You select the Member Type(s) from a drop-down menu. You can also specify the Program, Program/Division, or even Program/Division/Organization.

Use Case

You might want to know what the ratio of leaders to members during a specific date range.  You select the date range you want, and you run it twice. The first time you run it using the One Of comparison and checking the various leader types. The second time you find all those who were regular members. Then divide the counts to get your ratio.

Or you may just want find all the Teachers who attended during that date range.


This condition is not looking for guests, just actual members of the organizations.

To use this effectively, you will want to understand about Member Types and how they are used within an organization.